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May 9, 2014



Both of you have a general idea of what you want but need some inspiration to figure out the details and logistics for the big day. We will assist in the specific areas that you need help in such as budgeting, event design, vendor negotiations, contract review, vendor recommendations or any other related topics. Pink Martini will make sure to provide the special garnish or twist you need to make the wedding personalized, unique and a true reflection of your union as a couple!

Wedding Planning

  • This service includes everything from the “Shaken-Not-Stirred” service
  • Up to 3 in-person meetings
  • Curated vendor referrals ~ recommendation of the best vendors in specified price range
  • Mood Board Compilation
  • Budget Review ~ we will review your budget & make suggestions on how to put your finances to use in the most effective manner
  • Assist with 1 wedding detail projects
  • Invitation assistance

Wedding Vendors

  • Initiate communication with vendors to setup meetings and obtain prices
  • Negotiate with vendors for the best price and bonuses
  • Obtain and review vendor contracts
  • Ensure that all vendors comply with venue regulations & policies
  • Pull applicable city fire permits and licenses
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