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July 31, 2016


Tracy & Darcy

Grace and Rebecca were our coordinators for our April Wedding. I cannot describe how amazing these ladies are. From our first consultation, they made me feel so comfortable and assured me, that I was in good hands. They knocked everything out of the ball park.

I hired them for the day of coordination. The coordinators at our venue site, were coordinators from hell. I was so glad these ladies were there for rehearsal and for set up. They troubleshoot all problems and would only bother me if a decision needed to be made by the bride and groom. I didn’t even know the things that went behind the curtains, but from family and friends that assisted us with set up. These girls made miracles happen.

We had some issues with the set up at the venue site, and most of the problem came from the venue not being ready for the set up. These ladies, told me to go inside and not to worry about anything. They will take care of it. At this point we were an hour behind schedule due to the venue not having the space set up as agreed upon. They somehow magically had all set up done, with an extra 10 minutes to spare for me to take a look.

There was a slight delay in the reception due to guests arriving late (go figure). They adjusted everything accordingly and reassured me to not stress out about it. The entire time, as they were setting up and troubleshooting, they constantly checked in on me and the groom. Making sure we were resting, eating, and drinking fluid.

Once the dinner started, they ran everything flawlessly. I come from an Asian family, and I know my family is a tough cookie. The girls were actually able to handle my family, and make sure reception ran smoothly. It was so important to me to have Chinese speaking coordinators, because of the language barrier with family in case there was a problem. The girls handled it without a problem.

Even till the end, which I’m sure they were beaten to the bone. They were professional and did everything with a smile. Their customer service and warm personality is what really made me choose them. I would not go with another set of coordinators, even if someone was to have paid me to. ┬áThese girls are so knowledgeable and understand the ins and outs of a wedding. I knew I was in safe hands with my wedding. Don’t look further, because you won’t find another team that are more willing and capable of making your big day happen than Pink Martini Events.

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