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August 22, 2014


Patricia & Mitch

Rebecca and Grace of Pink Martini Events did a marvelous job as the day of coordinators for my wedding last weekend. Thanks to them my wedding went smoothly and all of the problems that came along were resolved by them professionally. 

Initially I thought we didn’t need day of coordinators because I didn’t understand the importance of coordination. Later on, one of my bridesmaids convinced me that I should hire one because we would be so busy on my wedding day that we would need someone to make sure everything is going smoothly. She also told me that there are always problems at every wedding and I would need someone to be there to resolve those problems.  

I found and interviewed Pink Martini Events. During our initial meeting they did a presentation to go over their responsibilities and what they can offer as coordinators. They were very thoughtful and they gave me tips on areas of my wedding planning that I forgot about. After I hired them they helped me draft a very detailed timeline that covered every single event that will happen on my wedding day. They attended our wedding rehearsal and meet everyone and got themselves familiar with the whole ceremony procedure.  

They proved to me hiring them was a great decision on my wedding day. As a bride I was so busy getting myself ready that I was not available to participate in set up of the venue. With the help of Pink Martini Events and my wedding party that the set up was done in an efficient and effective manner. When I arrived at the venue I took a tour around and I found everything was set up just as I’ve instructed. My ceremony happened on schedule and it was perfect! I wish I can relive the moment of walking down the aisle with my husband waiting for me under the arch. 

Throughout the night Rebecca and Grace coordinated the timing of grand entrance, giving toasts, serving the entrees, games, dress change, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss. I got so busy with everything that was going on around me that I did not know when the next event is. But these wonderful ladies always kept me on schedule and approached me to let me know what to do next. One of the issues that arise during the night was the entrees that were delayed due to some issues with the kitchen. Rebecca approached me and informed me what happened and suggested we should play the games first while the guests wait for their food. That was a good idea because the games kept my guests occupied as they wait. Otherwise I would get some cranky guests!

As a new bride, I highly recommend Pink Martini Events as wedding coordinators. They are responsible, professional, and sincerely care about their clients.  They go above and beyond to get their job done. Thank you Rebecca and Grace! Cheers!

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