• Minh & Duy

    Pink Martini did an AMAZING job for our wedding! Choosing Rebecca Luc and her team to be help coordinate our wedding was the best decision we made in planning our wedding. My wife and I were planning the wedding out of town, so there were many challenges and hurdles that we had to overcome in planning our wedding in Costa Mesa. 

    We did consider other wedding coordinators and many of them are on Yelp, but we just felt like we were able to establish a strong rapport with Rebecca. We liked that she was very personable and showed a strong interest in our wedding since day one.  She really showed us that she cared and wanted to make our wedding day as stress-free as possible and a joyful for one. While we hired Rebecca Luc to be our day-of-coordinator, she went above and beyond our expectations. A wedding is just one day, but takes months of labor in planning. Rebecca did more than just run and coordinate our wedding ceremony and reception. We are so happy that Rebecca was holding our hands through the process. We know that we couldn’t have done it without her help.

    Rebecca Luc was very organized and gave us very thorough to do checklists that kept up on top of things during the wedding planning process. This was so helpful to help us track the tasks that we needed to accomplish during the months leading up to the wedding. She emailed us regularly to make sure we made progress on our tasks. When we had meetings with her, she was very courteous and helpful in brainstorming with us. She was very knowledgeable and provided valuable insights during the planning process. My wife and I were impressed by her decor diagrams and timelines. We knew when we talked to her, she was really listening to us and paying attention to all the details that we were giving her. For example, we requested her to have Vietnamese speaking assistants as we expected many of our non-English speaking guests. She was able to meet this request by assigning 2 Vietnamese speaking assistants. It made us feels comfortable that her assistants would be able to help and interact with our guests. She was also very good in following through and providing updated to do lists. 

    During the weeks leading up to the wedding, there were many last minute changes that we had to deal with. She was always able to work things out and made sure our timeline could accommodate these changes. We didn’t have a makeup artist for our bridesmaid 3 weeks before the wedding day. We tried finding the makeup artist ourselves, but had difficulty finding one that was within our budget. It was hard to find one in such short notice because most of them were booked already. We asked Rebecca to help us with this and within a day she was to provide us a list of several available makeup artists that were within our budget. We ended up choosing one of the makeup artists that she gave us and were so happy with that decision. Through that experience, we learned to really trust her knowing that she would always deliver and come through for us. The day before the wedding, my wife and I were just exhausted and couldn’t finish some of the remaining tasks that we had for the wedding. We ended up asking her to help us with some decors that we needed for the next day. She was willing and glad to help us with this even though we knew that she didn’t have to do so.

    On the day-of, Rebecca and her team arrived early and started decorating the ceremony, cocktail room, and ballroom. We had dropped off most of the decors to her during the week of the wedding. On the day of the wedding, we didn’t have to do a thing with regards to the decor. She and her team did an excellent job in executing the decor with no supervision. Everything turned out BEAUTIFUL. We received so many compliments from our guests on the decor.  We were so impressed with how she and her team were able to put things together just like how we instructed her during our meetings. She also did a great job in maintaining communications with all the vendors such as the Florist, Banquet Manager, 2 Photographers, 2 Videographers, and DJ/Emcee for the wedding. The day went by quickly, but everything ran as smoothly as possible. There were incidents that occurred, but Rebecca informed us promptly and advised us in handling these matters. Rebecca, personally approached us during the wedding many times to check up on us and see if there was anything she can do. She also stepped in when necessary to make sure our program would run on time. Thanks to Rebecca and her team, we were able to spend most of our time enjoying the wedding and creating memories with our friends and families. We are forever thankful for the service and hard work of Pink Martini.

  • Patricia & Mitch

    Rebecca and Grace of Pink Martini Events did a marvelous job as the day of coordinators for my wedding last weekend. Thanks to them my wedding went smoothly and all of the problems that came along were resolved by them professionally. 

    Initially I thought we didn’t need day of coordinators because I didn’t understand the importance of coordination. Later on, one of my bridesmaids convinced me that I should hire one because we would be so busy on my wedding day that we would need someone to make sure everything is going smoothly. She also told me that there are always problems at every wedding and I would need someone to be there to resolve those problems.  

    I found and interviewed Pink Martini Events. During our initial meeting they did a presentation to go over their responsibilities and what they can offer as coordinators. They were very thoughtful and they gave me tips on areas of my wedding planning that I forgot about. After I hired them they helped me draft a very detailed timeline that covered every single event that will happen on my wedding day. They attended our wedding rehearsal and meet everyone and got themselves familiar with the whole ceremony procedure.  

    They proved to me hiring them was a great decision on my wedding day. As a bride I was so busy getting myself ready that I was not available to participate in set up of the venue. With the help of Pink Martini Events and my wedding party that the set up was done in an efficient and effective manner. When I arrived at the venue I took a tour around and I found everything was set up just as I’ve instructed. My ceremony happened on schedule and it was perfect! I wish I can relive the moment of walking down the aisle with my husband waiting for me under the arch. 

    Throughout the night Rebecca and Grace coordinated the timing of grand entrance, giving toasts, serving the entrees, games, dress change, cake cutting, bouquet and garter toss. I got so busy with everything that was going on around me that I did not know when the next event is. But these wonderful ladies always kept me on schedule and approached me to let me know what to do next. One of the issues that arise during the night was the entrees that were delayed due to some issues with the kitchen. Rebecca approached me and informed me what happened and suggested we should play the games first while the guests wait for their food. That was a good idea because the games kept my guests occupied as they wait. Otherwise I would get some cranky guests!

    As a new bride, I highly recommend Pink Martini Events as wedding coordinators. They are responsible, professional, and sincerely care about their clients.  They go above and beyond to get their job done. Thank you Rebecca and Grace! Cheers!

  • Tamiko & Cyndi

    We are unable to say enough great things about these two gals…. Grace & Rebecca delivered a unique & memorable wedding day for us. The calm, organized, zen like manner in which they handled our wedding was amazing. While most wedding are stressful enough with one bride…Pink Martini had to deal with two brides along with our kids. A blended modern family affair that does not come along often did not seem to throw them off of their game at all. When any issue arose they handled it with ease. Anxious to walk down the aisle I ended up moving the timeline up and they were more than happy to accommodate and adjust. The night was filled with love, laughter and just an overall fun time for all. It was a wedding to remember and we could not have done it without them. They were able to line up the vendors, work within our budget and achieve this in under 6 months which was amazing. We can not wait to share the pictures and video of our special day. We have had so many guest share how much they enjoyed our unique wedding day and we could not agree more. We thank them for being much more than wedding coordinators but for being there to support, guide and smile while we took this journey. My wish was to give my fiance a wedding that was truly unique for her…Thank you for your partnership and countless hours to make this wish come true for us !!!