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July 15, 2014


Jenny & Mike

Let me start off to say that PINK MARTINI EVENTS is awesome! ┬áRebecca Luc & Grace Eaplin were amazing! When they first introduced me to their business and about helping me out with my wedding, I thought, hmmm….”Do I need one?” But as a I considered for quite some time and also discussing it with my future husband, ┬áI thought, “Why not?!”
And I’m glad I did! It was really a stress reliever, especially with the decorating part of the wedding, as well as other things. Rebecca Luc and Grace Eaplin are both very professional at what they do and they definitely knew what they were doing!

So my future husband and I met up with them to see what they could do for us and how they could help us with our wedding. We talked about how much we wanted to spend, what kind of wedding we planned, how we wanted it to look, our theme colors, and the kind of services we needed to determine which vendors suit us best and of course we pick the one we like.

Rebecca and Grace are both very attentive in communicating over email and phone with whatever you need and are very detailed in what they do. They make sure you are on schedule with your plans, what needs to be done and by when. And they know where to get the best deals on materials. You give them an idea, it’s done!

We didn’t get a chance to really see how they decorated the little things and favors until the day-of because we got busy with other plans for the wedding, but when we did see them, we were very satisfied. From the wedding car decorations to ceremony and banquet decorations, everything came out perfect!
Loved the little decoration for the money box, the glass balls with fake flowers (that will last forever), backdrop and guest sign in table. And the pictured frame (w/o picture) guestbook (pinterest idea) turned out absolutely CUTE!

When it came to our wedding day, Rebecca and Grace did a great job at the banquet. Made sure everything was set right and our schedule ran accordingly to our timeline. At the end of the night, both them and their staff helped tidy up the place and also helped us pack everything up.

All in all, we had a great experience with our planner and definitely recommend them!! Not only for weddings, but any kind of event you plan on having. They have great ideas and are not shy to share! =D

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