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May 3, 2014


Elmina & Shawn

We definitely pulled a tough one on these girls when we went from setting the day one year in advance to a sudden one and a half months due to family reasons. They were able to help my fiancĂ© and I plan our wedding under such short notice. It really wouldn’t have been possible without their help and hard work.

At first, we thought we didn’t even need a planner but hiring these girls turned out to be the best decision we made for our wedding. It was so easy for the two of us to completely trust them with our wedding when they are so thorough and dedicated. Even when we were so pressed for time, they listened to every little request and fulfilled them!! Not to mention, we felt so lucky when they found us such a sweet deal with amazing caterers.

And when the day finally came, they took care of everything… and I’m not sure how to explain all the things the girls did for us but it ranged from taking care of our guests to taking care of the vendors. Setting up, scheduling, cleaning up… whatever you can think of, they handled it and the best part was that we didn’t need to worry one bit. They even went as far as helping serve food at one point just to make sure our guests were fed promptly! It’s almost like we were guests at our own wedding. I don’t remember anything going wrong that day or if something did, they must have handled it well enough that we didn’t even notice.

Many of our guests complimented on how beautifully our wedding went and we owe that to the Pink Martini girls. We were soooo pleased to have them as our planners and coordinator and they are highly recommended in my book!

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