ALLY & RICH

      These ladies are beyond exceptional! Their professionalism and attention to detail were outstanding, not only on my wedding day but in the weeks leading up to it as well. I don’t know how I ever could’ve done it without Grace and Rebecca. I feel eternally grateful to Pink Martini Events for making my day run so smoothly and stress-free. This team was an INVALUABLE additional to my wedding journey. I can’t thank you enough, Grace and Rebecca! Love you girls so much!


      I am so glad my husband and I decided to hire a wedding coordinator!! Grace and Rebecca went above & beyond! They asked the right questions, always on top of their stuff and organized everything! On the day of the wedding, my stress level was pretty much 0% because of Grace & Rebecca. Everything went smoothly thanks to them.

      After the reception, they helped pack up all my decoration pieces, and made sure I had everything I needed before they left!

      I can’t express how grateful and happy that I had Grace, Rebecca, and their team on our wedding day. The wedding was amazing and I had so much fun. They are super easy to talk to and was super fun to work with.

      Out of all the things I spent for the wedding, Grace & Rebecca’s service was certainly money well-spent.

      I will miss working with them!

      AMY & BEN

      To see a beautiful but stressed out bride is a terrible contradiction.

      Quick rant on at least having a day-of coordinator: It’s one day, your biggest day, literally all eyes on you and your Love. And there is nothing greater than to see all the wonderful details, the blood, sweat, and tears of planning for this ONE day unfold. You and your loved ones deserve to enjoy the entire day and celebrate, not having to deal with seating snafus or issues with florals. The day-of coordinators will manage all the details, take care of the bride, and ensure your months of planning run smoothly so your best friends or family members won’t need to.

      Insert Pink Martini: Rebecca and Grace were amazing to have. We hired them for day-of coordination, which really is month-of planning, and they were incredibly helpful with guidance in overall wedding questions, quick to respond, always on time, and super sweet. They used their large network of vendors to suggest great people for us to work with.

      Two weeks before the wedding, I felt lost about whether my fiancé and I should get a videographer. Grace sent me an insightful email about her thoughts and experience on it- I truly appreciated hearing from her and I know it took her some time to draft a response like that. We ultimately decided to get a videographer and Pink Martini even helped find one for us last minute and within our budget.

      Rebecca was so organized, so detailed, and so easy to communicate with. Pink Martini was instrumental in helping with setting up, working with all of the vendors, managing the day, and managing me – which was much needed! Helping to guide me, the groom, and the bridal party, so there was no confusion or stress – just the inevitable happy nerves!


      Grace and Rebecca were our coordinators for our April Wedding. I cannot describe how amazing these ladies are. From our first consultation, they made me feel so comfortable and assured me, that I was in good hands. They knocked everything out of the ball park.

      I hired them for the day of coordination. The coordinators at our venue site, were coordinators from hell. I was so glad these ladies were there for rehearsal and for set up. They troubleshoot all problems and would only bother me if a decision needed to be made by the bride and groom. I didn’t even know the things that went behind the curtains, but from family and friends that assisted us with set up. These girls made miracles happen.

      We had some issues with the set up at the venue site, and most of the problem came from the venue not being ready for the set up. These ladies, told me to go inside and not to worry about anything. They will take care of it. At this point we were an hour behind schedule due to the venue not having the space set up as agreed upon. They somehow magically had all set up done, with an extra 10 minutes to spare for me to take a look.

      There was a slight delay in the reception due to guests arriving late (go figure). They adjusted everything accordingly and reassured me to not stress out about it. The entire time, as they were setting up and troubleshooting, they constantly checked in on me and the groom. Making sure we were resting, eating, and drinking fluid.

      Once the dinner started, they ran everything flawlessly. I come from an Asian family, and I know my family is a tough cookie. The girls were actually able to handle my family, and make sure reception ran smoothly. It was so important to me to have Chinese speaking coordinators, because of the language barrier with family in case there was a problem. The girls handled it without a problem.

      Even till the end, which I’m sure they were beaten to the bone. They were professional and did everything with a smile. Their customer service and warm personality is what really made me choose them. I would not go with another set of coordinators, even if someone was to have paid me to. These girls are so knowledgeable and understand the ins and outs of a wedding. I knew I was in safe hands with my wedding. Don’t look further, because you won’t find another team that are more willing and capable of making your big day happen than Pink Martini Events.

      GRACE & IAN

      Never thought I would need a day-of-planner but was extremely glad that we engaged Grace and Rebecca. Our ~300 person wedding went seamlessly and, as promised, the table arrangements, dessert tables, ceremony etc. looked perfect without my having to attend to all the details. I was able to focus on my family and friends and on getting married!

      My only regret is that we didn’t find out about Pink Martini earlier so we could have hired them to plan the entire wedding – the girls have a large network of vendors that cover the LA area and have great recommendations for everything from hair/makeup, lighting, flowers, cake, nail salons… If you just got engaged and are wondering how to pull it all together, I would recommend giving Grace and Rebecca a call. They’re money well spent and will allow you and your fiancé to enjoy the wedding planning instead of worrying about how to get everything done.

      JESSIE & JOE

      My husband and I hadn’t planned on hiring a coordinator for our wedding, but as the big day got closer, we started to realize how crazy it was going to be on the wedding day. Luckily, our photographer referred us to Pink Martini Events. We met with Grace and Rebecca a few months before our wedding and after the first meeting, we were sold – I loved what an organized and creative team they made and my husband loved that they brought cookies lol.

      Since we had already finalized most of the details, we decided to go with the day-of coordination package. Our biggest concern was making sure that things ran smoothly on the wedding day and that we didn’t need to burden our bridal party and family with helping to setup/clean-up. But Grace and Rebecca did SO MUCH MORE than that! They helped organize ALL the details leading up to the wedding – they stayed in contact with all my other vendors, they helped me put the ceremony and reception timeline together, they picked up all my favors and decorations, the list goes on and on. And the most amazing part is that I never waited more than a few hours for a response from them! I know that might not sound like a big deal, but when you’re a week away from your wedding day, there’s a lot of last minute details that pop into your head late at night, and it’s a relief to have a team there that will get back to you before you start to panic.

      On the wedding day, the Pink Martini Events team literally took care of EVERYTHING. My husband and I didn’t hear from them at all when we were getting ready and by the time we arrived at the venue, the place was GORGEOUS. We had provided a lot of our own decorations (table runners, signs and pictures, table numbers, centerpieces, candles and votives, teapots and teacups, apothecary jars and cake stands for the dessert table…) and I didn’t specify how I wanted it all to be setup, but their team did an amazing job! Not to mention they made sure everything ran smoothly and that we were happy and fed and had plenty to drink! We literally didn’t have a care in the world and we were able to just enjoy the night with our friends and family. After the reception, their team packed and cleaned up everything for us. Our friends and family were able to enjoy the party up until the very last minute because their team took care of all the details until the very end of the night.

      I honestly cannot find the words to express how grateful I am to Grace, Rebecca, and their entire team. Our wedding was more amazing than we ever could have imagined and we have Pink Martini Events to thank! On top of it all, they’re just such a sweet, fun, and friendly team to work with – is there anything more you could ask for?!!

      DUY & MINH

      Pink Martini did an AMAZING job for our wedding! Choosing Rebecca Luc and her team to be help coordinate our wedding was the best decision we made in planning our wedding. My wife and I were planning the wedding out of town, so there were many challenges and hurdles that we had to overcome in planning our wedding in Costa Mesa.

      We did consider other wedding coordinators and many of them are on Yelp, but we just felt like we were able to establish a strong rapport with Rebecca. We liked that she was very personable and showed a strong interest in our wedding since day one. She really showed us that she cared and wanted to make our wedding day as stress-free as possible and a joyful for one. While we hired Rebecca Luc to be our day-of-coordinator, she went above and beyond our expectations. A wedding is just one day, but takes months of labor in planning. Rebecca did more than just run and coordinate our wedding ceremony and reception. We are so happy that Rebecca was holding our hands through the process. We know that we couldn’t have done it without her help.

      Rebecca Luc was very organized and gave us very thorough to do checklists that kept up on top of things during the wedding planning process. This was so helpful to help us track the tasks that we needed to accomplish during the months leading up to the wedding. She emailed us regularly to make sure we made progress on our tasks. When we had meetings with her, she was very courteous and helpful in brainstorming with us. She was very knowledgeable and provided valuable insights during the planning process. My wife and I were impressed by her decor diagrams and timelines. We knew when we talked to her, she was really listening to us and paying attention to all the details that we were giving her. For example, we requested her to have Vietnamese speaking assistants as we expected many of our non-English speaking guests. She was able to meet this request by assigning 2 Vietnamese speaking assistants. It made us feels comfortable that her assistants would be able to help and interact with our guests. She was also very good in following through and providing updated to do lists.

      During the weeks leading up to the wedding, there were many last minute changes that we had to deal with. She was always able to work things out and made sure our timeline could accommodate these changes. We didn’t have a makeup artist for our bridesmaid 3 weeks before the wedding day. We tried finding the makeup artist ourselves, but had difficulty finding one that was within our budget. It was hard to find one in such short notice because most of them were booked already. We asked Rebecca to help us with this and within a day she was to provide us a list of several available makeup artists that were within our budget. We ended up choosing one of the makeup artists that she gave us and were so happy with that decision. Through that experience, we learned to really trust her knowing that she would always deliver and come through for us. The day before the wedding, my wife and I were just exhausted and couldn’t finish some of the remaining tasks that we had for the wedding. We ended up asking her to help us with some decors that we needed for the next day. She was willing and glad to help us with this even though we knew that she didn’t have to do so.

      On the day-of, Rebecca and her team arrived early and started decorating the ceremony, cocktail room, and ballroom. We had dropped off most of the decors to her during the week of the wedding. On the day of the wedding, we didn’t have to do a thing with regards to the decor. She and her team did an excellent job in executing the decor with no supervision. Everything turned out BEAUTIFUL. We received so many compliments from our guests on the decor. We were so impressed with how she and her team were able to put things together just like how we instructed her during our meetings. She also did a great job in maintaining communications with all the vendors such as the Florist, Banquet Manager, 2 Photographers, 2 Videographers, and DJ/Emcee for the wedding. The day went by quickly, but everything ran as smoothly as possible. There were incidents that occurred, but Rebecca informed us promptly and advised us in handling these matters. Rebecca, personally approached us during the wedding many times to check up on us and see if there was anything she can do. She also stepped in when necessary to make sure our program would run on time. Thanks to Rebecca and her team, we were able to spend most of our time enjoying the wedding and creating memories with our friends and families. We are forever thankful for the service and hard work of Pink Martini.