– 2 Wegmans Pink Lemonade Frozen Concentrate
      – 2-3 Lemons
      – Large Ice Cubes Tray
      – ½ Gallon Glass Jar
      – Punch Bowl Ladle
      – Mason Jars
      – Cupcake Liners
      – Paper Straws
      – Stringed Tags


      Freeze Ice Cubes in Oversized tray overnight.



      STEP 1. Prep Mason jars by removing the metal lid & metal screw band. Place the cupcake liner on top before screwing the screw band back on. Store the metal lid for now.

      STEP 2. Puncture a hole through the cupcake liner with a screw driver or cut slits with a blade for the straw. TIP: tag each jar and let your guests know they can write their names on it to easy recognize which jar is which throughout the night!

      STEP 3. Slice lemons enough to cover the surface.

      STEP 4. Follow instructions on the concentrate can, mix 4 cans of cold water per can and stir in the jar. TIP: We used less water than suggested since we knew our guests liked it sweet and also because we were putting ice cubes in to make it extra cold. Test the lemonade and adjust water amount as necessary. Make sure the concentrate remains frozen until ready to use.

      STEP 5. Right before guests start arriving, place ice cubes and ladle in jar.


      Mama Au enjoying pink lemonade at her daughter’s 2nd birthday party!

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