For this wintry styled shoot, we were inspired by the whimsical and quirky nature of Alice in Wonderland. We wanted to put our own touch on the theme by showcasing an elegant white tea party that maintains the unusual elements of this much loved classic. This meant crafting the signature tall hat and oversized bowtie for our very animated Mad Hatter model Robert Hilo, posing our bride model Alice in a giant high backed chair to “shrink” her, adding an adorable “Mr. Rabbit”, adorning our table with a variety of stacked teacups and teapots and showcasing an asymmetrical cake that was a reflection of the topsy-turvy Wonderland. To balance out the quirkiness of these elements, we designed elegant matching stationary and chose a simple but refined wedding gown with a blue sash for our Alice.

      It was a true challenge trying to depict winter in Southern California since the four seasons look nearly the same year-round. To accomplish the wintry feel, we opted for a white, silver red and light blue color palette. To add variety to the white décor, we ensured that the elements possessed a variety of textures, such as beautiful cottony rosette linens, a mix of smooth ceramic and embellished teapots, paper and feather trees and soft florals. We incorporated pops of bright red, silver and light blue to break the uniformity of the white but still maintain the winter feel. These colors were accents on all of the yummy desserts and goodies, such as cakepops, cupcakes, cookies and macarons, scattered on top of the table. A tea party is not complete without these sweet treats!

      The Nixon Library and Museum, with its combination of simplicity and sophistication, was the perfect venue for this styled shoot. The pristine white walls in the ballroom were instrumental in boosting the elegance of our winter tea party, while the autumn colored trees in the courtyard made a stunning background for our DIY photo booth backdrop which were decorated with silver and gold frames containing character silhouettes from Alice in Wonderland as well as handmade paper flowers.

      Our favorite part of this styled shoot was giving our models, Robert Hilo and Kiho Hilo, the opportunity to have some of their very own wedding photos. These pictures capture Robert’s eccentricity and Kiho’s sweet nature and beauty, which are an accurate reflection not only of Alice and the Mad Hatter, but of Robert and Kiho. These lovebirds were married in the summer of 2013, but decided to put off the reception because Kiho’s family resides in Japan. The couple is waiting for the day both families can get together to celebrate their special union. Until then, these pictures serve as a great way to commemorate their love and special occasion.